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SS ‘California’

Built by A. Stephen & Sons Ltd, Glasgow, Scotland, 1923. 16,792 gross tons; 553 (bp) feet long; 70 feet wide. Steam turbine engines, twin screw. Service speed 16 knots. 1,760 passengers (251 first class, 465 second class, 1,044 third class).One funnel, two masts with four full and four partial decks. Built for Anchor Line, British flag, in 1923 and named California (1923). Glasgow-Moville (Ireland)-New York. service. Transferred to British Admiralty, British flag, in 1939. Armed merchant cruiser then troopship in 1942 service. Damaged by air attack west of Oporto, set on fire, then sunk on July 11, 1943.

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