Arnold Bertram Chamberlain Arathoon, 19091971 (aged 62 years)

Arnold Bertram Chamberlain /Arathoon/
Given names
Arnold Bertram Chamberlain
birth name
Birth May 29, 1909

School or college: Cheltenham College
Note: Good at sports
Naturalization 1952 (aged 42 years)

Directory, Import and Export

Employer: Arathoon and Sons
Death November 12, 1971 (aged 62 years)
Note: Cause of Death - Heart Attack, Ashes scattered in the garden of rememberance.

Cause of Death - Heart Attack, Ashes scattered in the garden of rememberance.

After completing his education, he returned to Singapore and worked in the family business, and also spending lots of time at the RAffles Hotel. When war broke out in Europe, he returned to England with his brother and he enlisted in the Army. He joined the Cameronians thinking he was going to wear a kilt, but later found out he would have to wear ‘itchy’ woolen tarten trousers. During the training sessions, he fell and broke a foot, while he was in hospital, he met his future wife Margaret who was employed as a nurse.

After the war, they settled in Manchester.

He then continued to work at Arathoon and Sons from their Liverpool Office, working from India House in the centre of the city. This continued for a number of years, but then he decided he had had enough and went to work at Turner and Newall, Manchester. He remained there until his first heart attack at the age of 55 and was told to take things easy, he died a few years later having suffered another heart attack. Source: Family Tree of Jayne Arathoon

Cremation 1971 (aged 61 years)
Address: Manchester Crematorium
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