Sarah Sal Elizabeth Warburton, 19111949 (aged 37 years)

Sarah "Sal" Elizabeth /Warburton/
Given names
Sarah Elizabeth
birth name
Birth January 18, 1911
Cloth Cutter

Address: 9 Nearmaker Road
Death January 4, 1949 (aged 37 years)
Burial January 1949 (aged 37 years)
Address: Manchester Southern Cemetery

Advised by the doctor/specialist to have an operation to assist with her high blood pressure, the operation failed and Sarah died a few days after the operation.

Cause of Death - 1,a,Pulminary, b,left heart failure, c,Malignant Hypertension

Buried at Southern Cemetery, Manchester Grave Number T22 in the Church of England Section.

At the time of her operation (after which she did not return home again) she was in the process of buying a house on Kingsway in Burnage, Manchester. The family chose not to continue with this purchase.

Left £306 Source: Family Tree of Jayne Arathoon